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An International Property Professional and Author. He currently has two books being published which are Communal Property Owners Handbook and Step-by-Step Guide to Owning Investment property. These are practical books to assist property investors with information and procedures in acquiring, maintaining and maximizing investment property. In addition to his published books, Russell writes for a number of Cyprus publications and publishes regular property articles and help guides online.

Cyprus Communal Guide

A online resource for Cyprus apartment owners or owners of Villas on resorts with communal facilities.

  • Communal Fee Collections
  • Administrative procedures AGM, Committee, Budgets, records etc.
  • Managing Suppliers and Contractors
  • How to build a strong committee
  • And much more

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Complete Property Management

Providing a complete range of Communal Management Services for Apartment Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Property Developments and Resorts.

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Credit Control

Our Primary Service. Using a combination of trained, dedicated Credit Control Staff, custom Debtor Management Software, International licensed Debt Collection Agencies, Private Investigators and Lawyers we provide the most active and comprehensive communal credit control service in Cyprus.


Irregular or unpublished communal accounts is the most common reason for owners non-payment of communal fees.  We ensure that accurate and comprehensive records are continually produced and available to all owners.


Using highly Experienced Qualified Staff from the Gardener through to the Development Manager, we provide High Value, Hands on Management of your communal building / resort

Tailored exactly to your requirements.

Committee Set-up

A legal committee is essential to operate and maintain communal building facilities and collect communal fees from unit owners.

We provide Advice and Assistance to help owners navigate the Regulations and Requirements surrounding the Creation of a Legal Committee.

AGM Administration

We Provide Expert Advice and Assistance in organising your AGM.  Our aim is to make the process as Hassle Free as possible and Increase Attendance.  As part of our package we can also provide value added services such as Venue, Hosting & Live Web Streaming.

Expert Advice & Assistance

Managing communal property in Cyprus since 2004, our Communal Management Professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in the many aspects of Cyprus Investment Property.

We are always happy to assist.


Ultimate Committee Handbook

Ultimate Committee Handbook

Ultimate Committee Handbook

A complete guide for any owner of an apartment or property on a complex with shared facilities.

Using easy to follow examples, forms & templates this essential resource guide covers all aspects of communal ownership.

Whether you are on the committee, or are an individual owner looking to learn more about how to best maintain your property investment

  • Communal Property Regulations
  • Communal Accounting and Record Keeping
  • Owner Rights and Responsibilities
  • Building Maintenance
  • Budgeting and Fee Collection
  • The Committee & Annual General Meeting
  • Examples Forms & Guides
  • And much more….

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